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Discover How To Be A Major Distributor / Retailer Of These Newly Technologies, Incredible, Lucrative Fast Moving Imported Products In Your Locality State Environment With 100% Commission Income Part Time Business As Your Second Salary !


Including Full Details Information Step by Step How To Apply For "FREE FINANCIAL CASH ASSISTANCE ONLINE" Through World Richest Philanthropist Givers Charity Foundation Programs To Finance The Capital Start - Up To Purchase These Technologies Lucrative Fast Moving Imported Products in Bulks @ Wholesales Discount Prices .

Are you a Student, Unemployed, Employed, Govt worker, Housewife, Shop owner, Trader, Businessman / Woman Looking for a Fast Moving Marketable Unique Product You Can Market and Sell as Part Time in Your Locality Area, City and State Without Competitors at all and Also Guaranteed of 100% Profit Commission Income ?


I will like to Congratulate you because the Answer to your Fervent Prayer for FINANCIAL PROSPERITY is right here in front of you! These Newly Technologies 10 Fast Moving Innovative Imported Product Business Opportunities I am going to show you right now,will blow your mind and radically change your Financial Status for the rest of your Life!

         No More Excuse  Lack Of Money & Job Again !

Do you know that Difference between the Rich and the Poor is in their Response to Opportunities. While the Poor Rationalizes Opportunities, the Rich ACT on them.

If you have been Searching for a Novel business Opportunity that is easy to start and yet Promises a high return on Investment. Search no further! That Million Naira Business Opportunity is right here in front of you!

*This is not an Internet Technical Business.
*This is not a Multilevel Networking Marketing Business.
*This is not a Betting, Pool or Lotto Business.
*This is not a Yahoo - Yahoo Online Business.
*It's not MMM or other Donation Investments Scam at all.

It is about buying and selling a very fast moving Lucrative Imported Profitable Physical Products that you can See, Feel and Touch by just Introduce and Market them in your Location, City and State with full 100% Profit Commission without Competitors at all. They are Unique Newly Technology Imported Product that Everyone Need and Must buy in your Environment like: Schools, Homes, Offices, Churches, Hotels, Eateries, Shops, Banks, Plazas and some big Companies Organisation in your state.

What is the Secret of Making Money?

What you don't know to you is a Secret! but the truth is that to make money is easy when you know this Little Secret and what is the Secret?

"People give you Money when you give them Value"                        What is Value?
Value is anything that Solves a Problem or Meets a Need.

Now the Question is, you want to make Money [Abi nor bi so?]     What Problem do you want to Solve in the Market Place? What do you have to Sell? Why do you think People will give you Money if you don't give them Value?

Now hear this!

To make money, You must sell Something! if you are the type that is not Comfortable with the word "Selling" and you want to Legitimately make money or start your Personal business in this Tough Country Economy Recession, you're Probably living in a "Fool's Paradise". That is the truth! But, what do I sell? that's main Purpose of this Article Information you're reading now.

Please i want you to stay 'glued' to this article and digest every money making information that will be revealed here even you can also Print it out for your Convenience reading.

Because after reading this Piece, the 'eye' of your understanding will be opened to a business opportunity that will certainly make you a Multimillionaire with in few years of getting started.

Now you will discover that Money is the EASIEST thing to make if you know how - have the Right Information at your hand.

These Are Details Of  10 Newly Technologies Innovative Fast Moving Imported Products That You Can Easily Market and Sell Very Fast Within Your Locality area, City and State With Full 100% Profit Commission Also Without Any Competitors at all, Check it out One by One how they're working :


     #           [ IMPORTED UNIQUE PRODUCT .1.]

"NEWLY TECHNOLOGY IMPORTED CAR FUEL SAVER SHARK" that can Reduces or Save Fuel Consumption by 30% at the Gas Pump, also Increase the Battery Life Span of the Car and can also reduces Car Emission [Smoking]. Introduce and Market this Newly Unique Imported Product to all the Car Owners in your Locality area, City, including your State that Looking for a way out of reducing something from costly Price of #145 Pump Per Litre. It's a NEED and MUST Product they're Looking for and Want.

*This Car Fuel Saver Shark Provides all the Car Owners with an Inexpensive way to save Money [ Save over 30% on Fuel Consumption] at the Gas Pump of #145 Per Litre.

*It also maintain optimum Electrical Performance and Improve MPG and will make Car run better with a Stable Voltage Environment.

*It is a Multipurpose Voltage Stabilizer.

*This Newly technology Imported Product can also reduces Car emission [smoking] and increased the battery Life Span.

*For use - Just Plug the FUEL SHARK into the Car's Lighter adapter and the blue Light will let you know that the Fuel Shark is working.

Are you ready to be a Major Distributor / Re - seller Of This Wonderful Lucrative Fast Moving "CAR FUEL SAVER SHARKS" in your Locality State Environment ?

             [ IMPORTED UNIQUE PRODUCT .2. ]

# Powerful Security GSM Call Bug Spy Device :

This Powerful Security Device allows you to Spy anyone in any Place by just insert a GSM Card of your desired Phone number inside the Bug device, then put it in anywhere you want in the world! Whatever what you want to monitor, just dial up the bug's inserted phone number and listened anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone / Telephone at home, office, working place, church etc. Trying to find out the Truth about what's being said behind your back? Now you can and from anywhere in the world.

You can even place several Bug Spy audio devices and set them up at your desired locations like your; Bedroom, Living room, Conference room or Office. Just insert a Sim Card into audio spy device, followed by your cell phone number from your mobile phone, then your bug is active and ready for Action !

This Powerful Product supports the four global standard GSM frequencies [ Quard - band 900MHz,  1800MHz ], So you can be confident of it working, mostly place in the world. 

 Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributors / Retailers Of This Newly Technologies Fast Moving Imported Products "SECURITY GSM CALL BUG SPY" Products In Your Locality State Environment ?



           #  [GREAT IMPORTED PRODUCT .3.]

  "NEWLY INCREDIBLE IMPORTED STUDENT SCHOOL E - LEARNING APPLICATION" that can be Install on Student, Laptop Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone without Internet Connection by enables them read and watching Video tutorials of all the teaching Subjects including over 99,000 Revision Past Questions and Answers covering WAEC; NECO; SSCE and JAMB Examinations through their Mobile Phone Device instead of Boring Classroom. 

Introduce and Market this Hot Incredible E- Learning Application to the Parent of the Student that Preparing to write; WAEC, NECO, SSCE & JAMB Exams including both Private and Public School in your Location, City and State with 100% Guaranteed of making Cool Cash, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

This is a Final Solution to the Massive Failure in WAEC, SSCE, NECO and JAMB Exams for Smart Student including Wise Parent.

The Huge Benefits Of This Unique "STUDENT SCHOOL E-LEARNING APPLICATION" And How It Really Works:

This Newly Incredible Imported Secondary School E - Learning Application comes in Preloaded 8G Memory Card which is installed on Mobile Devices, Laptop Computers, E- libraries. The Student who installs it then registers as its user. To start using the application, he opens it to watch Video lectures. For this, the student just sits down and observes a classroom atmosphere teaching on his mobile Phone.

This does not need the Internet to operate, so it does not place any extra Financial burden upon the student. As the teachings go on, the Student has total control of his time and Learning speed, a Powerful tool which he has no control of in the Classroom, for fear of looking dumb, by asking his teacher to repeat or slowdown to enable him understanding a new concept.

He can Pause the Lecture when he want, in case if he sent an errand, he can stop the Lecture and won't miss anything. He can repeat a line of instruction if he so wishes. He can pick the subjects he find most difficult in classroom and repeat the Video tutorials as many times as he wants. The Power of this approach is that the Student no longer see the teaching and Learning as one boring classroom exercise, but an exciting educational game which absolute control he has.

Now my friend, how many Secondary Schools both Private and Public you have in your Locality area, City and State?
Start count them now! because this is where you can make a lot of money. Any SSCE Students that really serious to Pass all his Paper and sit once to get admission will love to buy this Unique E- Application Imported Device.

You can also introduce this Incredible Product to all the Parent inside Churches, Shops, Mosques, Offices etc. They will love to buy one for their Children, because is a MUST and NEED Product for the Wise Parents and Guardian that want their Children to Succeed and Pass JAMB ; WAEC & NECO Examinations .

Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Retailers Of This Wonderful Fast Moving "STUDENT SCHOOL E-LEARNING APPLICATION" Imported Product in Your Locality State Environment ?

              [ IMPORTED UNIQUE PRODUCT .4. ]

       # Newly Technology Fire / Smoke Alarm Detector

This Incredible Fire / Smoke Alarm Detector is suitable for detect the smoke around inside; House, Shop, Hotel, Restaurant, Office Building, School Premises, Bank Premises, Library, Computer house, Store house, Warehouse etc.

This Innovative Fire / Smoke Detector has a very two {2} Strong basic parts: 
1]. A very strong part to sensor the smoke.
2]. A very Loud Electronics Horn / Alarm to wake people up.
This Incredible Smoke / Fire detectors can run off a 9 - volt battery or 120 - volt house current.

Stand alone surface mounted, easy operate built in IC Card, Stable performance, high sensitivity. Apply optical smoke test room, with buzzor, alarm independently, 9v battery. 

Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Retailer Of This Newly Technology Fast Moving "FIRE / SMOKE ALARM DETECTOR" Imported Products In Your Locality State Environment .



                [ IMPORTED UNIQUE PRODUCT .5.]

          # Powerful Full Security Spy Video Wall Clock

This Powerful Security Spy Video Wall Clock is designated for anyone who want to discreetly monitor the Visitors, Strangers, Baby sitters and Business Activities.

This Powerful Security Wall Clock Device comes with a hidden Camera in a functional Wall Clock and Record to Micro SD, An Economical total solution. It can be installed in few seconds, hassle free of running long video cable.

Simply mount the Clock at a desired location, connect the power of the clock - camera and ready to record, it is a perfect security product for homes and small businesses. Wall clock camera [spy wall clock] system make covert survellance easy, it is like any other wall clock else that is watches you.

It works with Remote Control which you can use to initiate recording, Clock Camera records Video effectively into clocks internal memory without anyone knowing they are being watched.
Make sure it is adequately charged to record sufficiently, this device is a good alternative for CCTV and indoor home / office recording.


 Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Retailer Of This Newly Technologies Incredible Fast Moving "SECURITY SPY VIDEO CAMERA WALL CLOCK" Imported Products In Your Locality State Environment ?

            # [GREAT IMPORTED PRODUCT .6.]

Discover another Fast Selling Hot Imported Product "THE REDEEMED CHURCH BRANDED AIRFRESHENER PAPER" that can be Distributing to all the Redeemed Church Members in your Location, City and State at their Parishes with Guaranteed of buy from you because every Redeemed Member Loves their Church Logo Identity.

 Introduce and show this Newly Redeemed Branded Airfreshener to all the Parish Pastors and Church Members for them to hanging it inside their Cars, Offices, Rooms and Shops with guaranteed of making Cool Cash Daily, Weekly and Monthly. The Odour of this Airfreshener last for 3 weeks only.

This business of reselling the Redeemed Church branded Airfreshener is what you could start immediately especially if you're original member of redeemed church.

*There is no huge Capital Money involved.
*You could start reselling this Airfreshener with small / Low capital start up.
*No School qualification is required.
*No Experience is needed.
*You don't even need to Rent Office or Shop at all.

*It can be done from Church every Sunday after Service by Introduce it to all the Church Members - they will buy it.

*You can also take it to all the Redeemed Program like; Holy Ghost Service; Holy Ghost Convention and during the Holy Ghost Congress event with 100% Guaranteed of Selling this Innovative Product very fast to the Millions of Redeemed Member across Nationwide that eager to buy from you.

*This branded Paper Airfreshener is ideal as Special Gift for first timers in Church, because the use of air freshener will constantly keep the thought of the Church in their mind, and this will have the Positive effect of retaining them as members of the Church.
It also good for evangelism for any Potential Convert, The Pastors of every Redeemed Church Parishes are expected to stock enough quantity of the Air freshener for this Purpose.

Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Retailer Of This Unique Fast Moving "REDEEMED CHURCH BRANDED AIR FRESHENER UNIQUE PAPER" Product In Your Locality State Environment ?

             [ IMPORTED UNIQUE PRODUCT .7. ]

   # Another Incredible Security HP Spy Video / Camera Pen 

This Incredible Security HP Spy Pen has a hidden camera for spy recording. It has Dual Modes, Photo Mode and Video Mode. Just select the desired mode, Press the ON Power Switch Point at the  desired scene to be captured. Video is recorded to internal memory connected Pen to Pc and download Videos or Pictures.
Easy Connection with PC, Laptops, No drivers needed support windows and Mac operating system.

NOTE: Also it can used as a Webcam, only you connect it to your computer or Laptop.

Uses of this Incredible 720 P HD SPY PEN CAMERA - HD Pen Camcorder is applicable for the purpose of Reporter Interview, Wonderful Snap Shoot, Emergency Record, Living Fragment Record, Recreation Record, Sports Record, Aided Teaching Record, Family Security Monitoring, Criminal Investigation and Evidence - Collecting for Legal Purpose, Landscape Record during travel, Out doors Exploration Record and Backing Memory etc.

Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Retailer Of This Powerful Security "MINI SPY PEN VIDEO CAMERA" Unique Product In Your Locality State Environment ?

          #  [GREAT IMPORTED PRODUCT .8.]

 Discover how you can become a Register Major Distributor / Retailer of this "NEWLY SECURITY SIREN ALARM PADLOCK" that can Scares; Thief, Arm robber even Kidnapper away, since attention will now be drawn to their Criminal Activities, because the Siren Noise Alert the Property Owner of Intruders and Danger.

Do you know that....  the need to Protect one's life and Properties has become so Pertinent and Important given the unprecedented level of Insecurity in our nation. The Crime rate in Nigeria is so alarming that People now sleep with only one eye closed. The use of Padlock to secure our home and Property is not new but the advent of this "NEWLY IMPORTED TECHNOLOGY SIREN ALARM PADLOCK" has added Security Value to the Ordinary Padlock.

With the use of this Newly Siren Imported Alarm Padlock, the Siren noise alert the Property owners of intruders and danger, the Siren alarm also scares burglars away, since attention will now be drawn to their Criminal activities.

Introduce and Market this New Innovative Security Imported Product to: Homes use for Gate, Doors, Motorcycles, Generators etc. You can also market it to the Offices, Shops, Plaza and even supply to some Building Material Traders in your Locality area, City and State. They will buy from you and make a lot of Cash from this Imported Powerful Siren Alarm Padlock.

Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Retailer Of This Powerful Security "ANTI - THEFT SIREN ALARM PADLOCK" Imported Product In Your Locality State Environment  ?

             [ IMPORTED UNIQUE PRODUCT .9. ]

   # A Wonderful Unique Product Gas Regulator With Meter

The era of your Cooking Gas getting finished in the middle of cooking, taking you unaware is over with this wonderful New Technology device. Now you can gauge and properly manage your cooking gas usage.


* Gas Regulator with a Meter.
* On / Off Control Switch.
* Prevents Shortage / Over filling on Purchase.
* Help conserve gas usage.

Also it helps to ensure that your gas cylinder is properly filled at the re - fill station where by you know by inspecting the full limit gauge when gas is filled by supplier.

Finally and most importantly, it helps to monitor the level of the cooking gas with the attached gauge so your gas does not get exhausted at odd hours or in the middle of cooking dinner / launch/ breakfast? Save you the embarrassment of cooking .

Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Re - Seller Of This Newly Innovative "GAS REGULATOR WITH METER" Unique Imported Product In Your Locality State Environment ?


                 [  IMPORTED UNIQUE PRODUCT .10. ]

       # Innovative Security Spy Video/ Camera Wrist Watch

This Powerful Newly Technology Wrist Watch has a hidden Video Camera for Spy Recording. The wrist watch camera is a highly multi function gadget. It looks like a simple classy wrist watch but unknown to others, it has an inbuilt camera with which you can record high quality videos and take pictures.

It works covertly thereby you can  record videos easily without anybody knowing when through with your video recording, you can transfer your videos to watch on your computer or media player

As essential gadget  with which you can perform your day to day recording as well as be of help to you when you never expect - Very easy to use, charges easily with via any USB Port.
   Are You Ready To Be A Major Distributor / Re - Seller Of This Newly Technology "SECURITY SPY VIDEO CAMERA WRIST WATCH" Imported Product In Your Locality State Environment ?


These are the 10 Great Innovative, Lucrative, Imported Marketable Products that have changed my entire Life from Poverty, Agony, Lack, Shame since almost three years now.....  Continue Put food on my family table every day with a Steady Flow Income Daily, Weekly and Monthly !

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NOTE : I am not Owner of this Importer Products Company, am just an ordinary Major Distributor of These Newly Technologies Innovative Products, But Specialized just only 10 Unique Products that am capable of selling fast in my Locality Environment Because this company have more than 100 Pieces types of these Newly Technologies Innovative Imported Products in their Warehouses Office in Lagos and Phorthacourt - Rivers State .

But how do you getting started to Register and become Major Distributor / Re - Seller Of These Newly Technologies Fast Moving Innovative Imported Products in Your Own Locality State Environment Including Where to Sources for Capital to Start buying these Unique Products @ Wholesales in bulks Cheapest Price for Profitable margins ?

ANSWER :  My dear friend, I will advice you to start from this below Platform Information Where and How to Apply for "FREE FINANCIAL CASH ASSISTANCE ONLINE" Through World Richest Philanthropist Givers Charity Foundation Programs .

Exactly ! This is a Wonderful Helpful Platform i got all the Funds & Cash to start buying these Unique Imported Products in bulks direct from Lagos to Abuja at Wholesales Prices with Cool 100% Profit Commission margins.

But How This Platform Really Works ? Including How To Getting Started Right Now By Apply For 'FREE FINANCIAL CASH ASSISTANCE" Through World Richest Philanthropist Givers Charity Foundation Programs Online .....

These World Richest Philanthropist Givers Organised Charity Foundation Programs through their Names to Donate and Gives Every Individual Cash through out the World that facing Financial Challenges through their business / family issue to solve their Problems.  

But your request must be very reasonable, accurate of your needs and must be concise especially area of launching newly business Idea or expanding your existing business including newly project you want to finance . Then your financial Request Proposal Email Letter will be open through Charity Foundation Manager before handover to Chairman for final approval to verify if your Financial Assistance Request has meaning and deserve financial cash help .

Things You Should Avoid When Sending Request Financial Proposal Email Letter To Philanthropist Charity Foundation Online For Cash Assistance :

# - You should not beg these Richest Philanthropist Givers for money in your email letter for the first time .

# - You should not insert your bank details account in your Financial Assistance Proposal Request Email Letter as it's presumptions .

# - You aim and first target is to build a reasonable rapport through your well written Financial Request Financial Proposal Email Letter. If this happens successful, then Money will inevitably follows like magic.

# - You should not request for financial cash for your parents burial ceremonies .

# - You should not request for financial cash for Lottery and betting

# - You should not request for financial cash to buying New car / build a New house .

# -  Then, you should not request for any unnecessary things that can hinder your chance of getting financial help from these World Richest Philanthropist Charity Foundation Programs Online .

This Is Type Example Of Well Written Proposal Financial Request Email Letter You Can Send To The Organization Of These Richest Philanthropist Charity Foundation Online Programs For Cash Assistance :

Dear, Mr. Warrent Buffet, 

My name is success - ade an aspiring businessman, ventures into Poultry farm business and one of your big fans. Firstly sir, I'd like to thanks you for taking your time reading my email and i appreciate it very much sir .

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Looking forward to hear from you sir !

Success - Ade,
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NOW !  How Do You Getting Started ?

We have Packaged The Full Details Information How To Become a Major Registered Distributor / Retailer Of These Newly Technologies Fast Moving Imported Products Under This Big Importer Company Including Step by Step How To Apply For "FREE FINANCIAL CASH ASSISTANCE" Through World Richest Philanthropist Givers Charity Foundation Programs Online In Our ' 2 in 1 Incredible Information Materials Guide Packages ' . 

These Are Full Details Information You Are Going To Received Through Our '2 in 1 Incredible Information Material Guide Package' Both Company Importer Products & Free Financial Cash Assistance Info Guide Package .......

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* The Full Details Location Physical Address Of This Big Importer Company In Lagos and Phorthacourt Will Revealed To You Inside This Information Material Guide Package .

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* The Full Contact Details Information Of This Big Importer Company Like; Mobile Phone + Email Address + WhatsApp No & Their Website Where You Can Get Access To Others Almost 100 Newly Technologies, Innovative Fast Moving Imported Products Including Their Images Pictures & Prices .

* Inside This Material Guide Package ..... You Will Also Discover How Each Product Works, Their Operations and How To Use Them One by One .

* The Size Of Capital Amount To Start Buying These Products From; #10k - #20k - #30k - #40k - #50k and Above Will Reveal To You Inside This Incredible Material Guide Package .

* Including  Powerful Marketing Strategies That Will Guide and Teach You Easy Tactics To Market and Sell These Innovative & Unique Lucrative Imported Products Very Fast Within Your Locality State Environment Without Any Competitor at all .

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* Inside The 'FREE FINANCIAL CASH ASSISTANCE' Guide Material Package ..... You Are Going To Received Full Details Information Of Almost 50 World Richest Philanthropist Givers Charity Foundation Programs All Over The World Like; Bill Gate; Warren Buffet; Carlos Slim; Armancio Otega; Larry Elisson; Charles Koch; Christy Waston; Sheldon Adelson; Michael Dell etc That You Can Easily Contact For Financial Cash Assistance To Support / Expand Your Dream Business Idea .

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